General Questions


Q. Do you need a deposit?

We do not change any payment or up front deposits. Payment is made following completion of a cleaning job, after inspecting the premises to ensure quality. Once the cleaning service is fulfilled and you have looked over the job with our cleaning team supervisor, you can pay in cash or bank transfer.

Q. Do you have a cancellation fee?

We apply a cancellation fee only if the service is cancelled less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled time or if the customer fails to provide access to our team as previously arranged. Cancellation fee is £10.

Q. When can your cleaners come?

We have cleaning teams in London serving all areas and postcodes 1,2 and 3 zone. Usually we are able to provide cleaners in London on the same day, especially if you can call in the morning. We recommend an advance booking so that you can have the pick of appointment dates and times.

Q. What are your working hours?

Our cleaners work 7 days a week and are very flexible. On weekdays we usually start at 8 with latest appointments beginning between 8 pm. Our weekend start time is 9am and we work Saturdays and Sundays, at no additional fee. Advance booking is rather recommended for you to get a time and date that suits you best.

Q. What nationality are the cleaners? Do they speak English?

Most of the cleaners are of either Polish or Bulgarian nationalities. Most of the cleaning staff speaks English on a communicative level. We make sure to have an English speaking cleaner or supervisor at all times, so you can give them instructions before the cleaning. If you have any special requirements regarding the cleaning, we encourage you to call our office staff or email us we will pass the note to your cleaner!

End of Tenancy / One-Off Cleaning Questions

Q. Do you provide the cleaning materials and equipment?

The services End of Tenancy cleaning include all materials and equipment. For One-Off Deep Cleaning services we do not provide the materials. If you would like materials to be included for this type of job, we can do that for an extra £13.

Q. How many cleaners will you send?

We usually send a team of 1 – 4 cleaners, depending on the size of the property and the type of cleaning to be done.

Q. Do your services have a quality guarantee?

End of Tenancy Cleaning and Deep cleaning are guaranteed professional services. If our cleaners missed something, or there is anything that you are not happy with, you can always call our office within 48 hours of the job. The cleaning team will come back to do a free-of-charge re-cleaning of the missed spots.

Q. Do I have to defrost my fridge and freezer in advance?

It would be surely helpful if you defrost your fridge, freezer or deep freeze before the cleaners arrive. This will speed up the cleaning and deodorizing process, and help our cleaners leave your appliances in the best possible condition.

Q. Do you clean the oven?

Yes. Cleaning of ovens, cupboards and other appliances, inside and out, is included in the price of our professional End of Tenancy Cleaning.

General Cleaning Questions

Q. Do you clean windows from the outside?


Q. What if I booked them for 4 hours and they need more time, or if they finish earlier?

For the cleaning services per hour, you are charged only for the time taken in cleaning the property. If the cleaners need more time, they will stay as long as they are able to with respect for further appointments. If the cleaners finish earlier than expected, you will be charged only for the time it takes the cleaners to clean your property.

Q. What equipment do you use?

We use general cleaning equipment. Our cleaning teams use the necessary detergents, materials and professional equipment for a guaranteed service.

After Builders Cleaning

Q. We are disappointed though with the level of clean in some areas(few photos) Mrs. Iles

A. According to our cleaners, the pictures show stains of dried oil paint, plaster and concrete.

You had a Quotation and Booking Confirmation. None of which includes cleaning of paint, plaster and concrete.
Cleaning them is subject to further negotiation upon request for an extra target. You have made some inquiries about our Таск list, but you have never mentioned that you would like to clean up dried paint, plaster and concrete. According to our Terms and Conditions (  that you have received The Company shall not guarantee After Builders Cleaning service when building work has not finished and there are people still present on site.


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