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These End Of Tenancy Cleaning will certainly Get hold of you your own personal Deposit and usually there will be no concerns with our end of tenancy cleaning service, carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning and our labor is fully guaranteed for 48-hours from job conclusion time. Call Us and Book Your End Of Tenancy Cleaning online Right Now!

What is included in our full end of tenancy cleaning?

End of Tenancy Cleaning involves all parts of the area including windows, cooker/oven, fridge and freezer, all skirting boards, kitchen cabinets, shelving, cabinets, wardrobes and generally everything.

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Do you clean oven/cooker?

Yes indeed to greatly expert standards inside and out even the hob.


Will you clean appliances as part of your end of tenancy clean?

Appliances are cleaned inside and out to the highest standards for extra price.


Do you clean skirting boards as part of your end of tenancy clean?

Yes, all the skirting boards will be cleaned to the highest standards.


Do you clean all the wooden, laminated or marbled floors?

Yes of course, that’s segment of the service.


Do you provide all cleaning components and machines?

Yes, of course, every little thing will be in our company motor vehicle.


How do you carry your company staff and all the equipment and materials?

our staff travels in our company vehicles. It helps us be punctual and keep away from any delays.


Could possibly I book the service without steam carpet cleaning?

You choose the service, which is right for you or what is required by your estate agent, landlord & the inventory checkout clerk.


What happens if our estate agent, landlord or inventory clerk is disappointed?

Not a problem, our service is guaranteed for 48-hours from job completion time. Any problem, please call us and we will get it fixed.


Do you clean fridge and freezer too?

Yup, of course, fridge and freezer is cleaned from top to bottom and inside and out. Even so you have to defrost the fridge and freezer 24 hours just before our end of tenancy cleaners introduction and leave the doors opened if it’s safe to do so.


Just how long will it take to end the above job?

Our cleaning session is not time restricted. Time depend your home situation.


Are your prices inclusive or exclusive of VAT?

No VAT Applied. You pay the rate that is quoted.


Will you give us a professional bill for us?

It will be sent same day when service is done by email in pdf format so you can print it or forward to your estate agent, landlord or both.


I am satisfied with your offer, what do I do now?

Just contact us . on 0800 699 0858 FREE and we will be pleased to book you in / It will take around 2/3 minutes to book the service.


Do I have to pay something on the time of booking?

No. If you pay by cash we bring full price when cleaning job is finished. If you give preference to bacs you has to pay full price before cleaning session. When making payments via bank transfer, please use your home number and postcode as the payment reference and drop us an email or call us so we can confirm, check the payment receipt and send the invoice over.


What payment methods are approved?

We accept bank transfers or cash payment. Your door number and postcode should be your payment reference.


Please notice, our invoices are accepted by leading property firms, estate agents, property management companies, councils as well as housing associations, colleges and universities and Government authorities!


What we assume from you as our customer?


1). Hot water running in the property

2). Electricity to be present in the house

3). enough bright lumination in the property or home

4). All kitchen cabinets, drawers, cupboards & wardrobes to be emptied

6). Fridge & freezer turned off, defrosted & doors left opened if it’s safe to do so.

7). Automobile parking space for 1 car which you can set up or pay unless it’s free of charge. If it’s not free, we can find vehicle parking and you can pay for it or you can obtain a parking permit from your local council borough.

8). Special notes or instructions in the printed format handed-over to our staff.


Advance bookings get discounted prices. Call us today on 0800 699 0858 FREE and let’s get your professional end of tenancy cleaning booked now!

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Please send us below information when seeking a quote online:


Your property door name or number and postcode please.

Is it a house, flat, bungalow, etc.?

How many bathrooms, toilets/WCs do you have in this property?

The property is built on 1/2/3/4/5 levels?

How many bedrooms do you have?

How many reception rooms (e.g. living, dining room, family room etc. ) do you have?

Do you have any study/utility room, box room or any other rooms?

Do you require professional steam carpet cleaning? Please give job description

Do you require professional upholstery cleaning e.g. sofas, mattresses, curtains and rugs? Please send job description

Do you have a balcony/roof terrace that require cleaning? Please be detailed

Do you require a garage/shed/deck/attic/loft cleaned? Please mention what require doing.

Do you have a cellar/basement in the property that require cleaning?

Are there any window blinds which require cleaning that are made of wood, metal or plastic and how many of those?

Date and time when you need this job doing.


This previously information will help us quote quickly, properly and can help us save your time which is very valued for us.

Please note: our end of tenancy cleaning prices, carpet and upholstery cleaning service prices, moving out cleaning, move in cleaning, deep cleaning and spring cleaning prices cover all cleaning products, materials and equipment, insured, vetted and checked cleaning teams, no small prints. We require hot water and electricity running in the property and parking space for a car.

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Please note: There is no headache, hassle and stress when you use our services. our prices are inclusive of All Taxes, we do not charge extras’ over the weekends, public and bank holidays and we can always guarantee good service, good support, ethics and 24/7 phone support! You will love our politeness and top-notch services in Aldrington BN3. Payment confirmations and invoices are sent right after via email so you can get all paper work within an hour and a text message confirmation follows, no matter on local or a foreign number.


We warranty that your estate agent, your landlord and the inventory checkout clerk will be happy to agree your cleaning – if you have used our end of tenancy cleaning services in Aldrington BN3 and beyond and chosen the most desirable service unique for you!

Call us and obtain a ignored price – We will help you get an end of tenancy cleaning offer which is affordable yet delivers stress and stress free, timely and efficient service – Please note, your relief is our definitive goal but also our aim is to ensure your landlord, estate agent, inventory checkout clerk is fully happy with the cleaning performed in your apartment so they can return your deposit – We will even come and fix the issue, if we had missed a single spot at our OWN COST

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Be it you are moving out from a property or moving into your new property, whether your lease is ending soon or you are vacating a property for property exchange or just looking for cleaners in Aldrington BN3 for your pre or post end of tenancy cleaning, they can provide an affordable yet professional cleaning services in your property in Aldrington BN3.


They can also provide professional carpet cleaning services as well as upholstery cleaning services in Aldrington BN3 and neighbouring areas. They will professionally clean your property so your estate agent, landlord and inventory clerk are happy with how you have kept and maintained your property.


We proudly provide below services to our beloved Aldrington BN3 customers:


End of Tenancy Cleaning Aldrington BN3

We are honest and provide an honest end of tenancy cleaning service which will impress you, your landlord, estate agent and inventory checkout clerk and it’s guaranteed!

Pre End of Tenancy Cleaning Aldrington BN3

Pre End of Tenancy Cleaning is for those customers which want to get their property cleaned pre to their move out. It helps customers get their final (tenancy clean) get even better results.

Post End of Tenancy Cleaning Aldrington BN3

Post Tenancy Cleaning is a complete service on the end of your tenancy, term or contract and for when you vacate your premises. It involves deep cleaning of the entire property so it can be put into its state it was in whilst you moved in.

Move Out Cleaning Aldrington BN3

Move out Cleaning when you require the property to be cleaned to pristine condition before you hand-over the keys to your estate agent, landlord and/or an inventory checkout clerk.

Move In Cleaning Aldrington BN3

If you are moving into a new property or have already moved and require it to be spotlessly cleaned and germs free then you can hire move in cleaning services in order to enjoy a clean lifestyle.


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Call us today for professional cleaning services in Aldrington BN3 and range of other property maintenance services in Aldrington BN3 and nationwide today! Call now on 0800 699 0858 FREE.

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